How to use the directory

There are several ways to find information in the directory.

Category Quick links

Use this search to get quick results on some commonly used categories. Clicking on a quick link will take you to all search results returned from the category you select. Please use our advanced if you would like to narrow down your results by age group, area or postcode.

Keyword Search

Enter keywords that best describe what you are looking for or the name of the service if known in the search box and click on GO. For exact matches insert the words between quotation marks i.e. “adolescent team”.

A-Z search

This is an alphabetical list of all the services in the directory as well as keywords starting with the selected letter. For example you could click on A to find details on the Association for Sierra-Leonean Refugees or to find more information on Adoption.

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to select specific criteria to refine your search results. You can search by keyword, area, post-code and age group.


The directory contains two glossary lists.

- A list of commonly used terms/acronyms in children and young people’s services

- A list showing the different professionals and/or teams working with children and young people in Southwark and what they do.

External websites

Please note that some services are not listed directly in our directory but we link to the information through external websites.

Childcare information such as childminders, crèches, parent and toddler groups and nurseries can be found through the Childcare website. This website also includes out of school care and holidays schemes.

If you need to speak to someone regarding childcare you can also contact the Children’s Information Service free phone help line on 0800 013 0639

Schools and Colleges are available through our Southwark Education website

Healthcare information such as your local doctor, dentist, optician or pharmacy can be found through the Southwark PCT website